Achieve Project Success with Connected
CONNECTED is a project management tool helps you to manage and communicate tasks within your teams. Bring all the to-do tasks at one place instead of letting them scatter around the chat box or be forgotten after meetings. Project progress and reports are brought to your fingertips with CONNECTED
A list of preliminary tasks can be created and assigned to different responsible parties once the project starts. Additional tasks and sub tasks can be added thereafter. Path to project success is clearly paved
Team mates would get notification of the tasks assigned to them. Reminders would be sent closer to due date to make sure they deliver their work on time.
Reports on task completion would be available for you to make timely decision on resource allocation.
All tasks and actions are recorded in Connect. You can replicate success easily and identify area of improvement.
Plus tools that help you to plan, work, track and improve easier.
Business Template
Performance dashboard
Web UI with more sophisticated WIP tracking
Enterprise integration to create success for your company
Tackle the problems often occurs
Brought to you at a glance
New tasks are always derived from discussions in meetings, Email or other type of communication tools. When conversations are happening across different channels, some to-do tasks are sometimes forgotten. With PRO, you can mark all to-do tasks in one place with notification of due date. All tasks will be brought to you in PRO at a glance. Task completion can also be keep track of effortlessly.
Assign to-do tasks
Having unclear responsible party of a task may lead to incomplete task and argument among people or teams. PRO let you assign to-do task to a specific person with notification sent to them about the newly assigned task. Pro even provide you with dashboard about the performance of each person.
Follow up promptly
PRO provides your team with the visibility of the upcoming tasks and push notification of the task due date so that your team can follow up promptly on tasks that may have chance to overdue and take appropriate action on resource allocation if necessary.
Detail statistics and reports
Sophisticated reporting tool is available for you to look at task completion progress. With detail statistics and reports, not only can you keep track of your project progress, but also improve task scheduling and resource allocation in the next project.
Pro empowers you to do more and better with
Workspace to manage a bigger team size
Performance report to evaluate performance and contribution of team mates
Project template to help you set up to-do tasks quickly
Web interface to manage complicated tasks
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